Rand Paul Contemplates Changing Name to Paul Rand

A crowded Republican field of potential 2016 Presidential candidates is applying significant pressure on each candidate’s camp to reach for any available advantage.For U.S. Senator and libertarian favorite Randal Howard “Rand” Paul (R-KY) to crack a field that is expected to include Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and Marco Rubio, that may include the dramatic step of a legal name change to Paul Howard Rand.

According to a source within the Senator’s campaign, “We’ve commissioned several market research organizations and each has shown that Paul Rand polls significantly better than Rand Paul. Three-thousand marginally-engaged voters were broken into two groups and given the opportunity to choose the favorability of three candidates. For the first group, the candidates were identified as Jim McDonnell, John Barnes and Rand Paul. For the second group, the choices were Jim McDonnell, John Barnes and Paul Rand. In each poll, the percentage of respondents considering Paul Rand to be Somewhat Favorable or Definitely Favorable was at least 10% higher than Rand Paul.

There’s anecdotal evidence as well that a change may be in the offing. When respondent Ellen Maple was read three candidate names, she asked for them to be repeated. After hearing them for a second time she paused, her face taking on a quizzical look. A moment later her demeanor turned to disgust as she blurted out, “Rand? Rand? What the hell is a Rand?” Worrisome to the campaign is that variations on this reaction were not uncommon.

What’s in a name? That’s difficult to answer. Entertainers have chosen stage names for decades. Would Jamie Foxx be any less dynamic if we knew him as Eric Marlon Bishop? Would U2’s music be as compelling if it was sung not by Bono, but Paul David Hewson? Would we be as enamored of the multiple talents of Lea Michele if we knew her as Lea Sarfati?

At this juncture, a name change could be risky. After all, “Rand” was good enough to get Mr. Paul elected a U.S. Senator. “We’ve got a regional candidate in Rand.” explained the source. “Should we join the race, we’ll have to take him national. Therein lies our concern.”

Perhaps Mr. Paul should look closer to home, at the case of successful politician who was born Warren Wilhelm, Jr. In 1983, Wilhelm changed his name. In, 2002, he changed it again. And with that second change, the transformation was complete. Today you may know him as mayor of one of the nation’s largest cities. The city is New York and the mayor is Bill DeBlasio.

Disclaimer: We are not aware of any contemplated name change on the part of Rand Paul.

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