LinkedIn User Group Suggests Changes to Enhance Inclusiveness

The Organization of LinkedIn Users (OLU) today announced that it has submitted a series of enhancements that it suggests will make the site more inclusive.

The result of a two-year period during which OLU solicited extensive member and public comment, the study contains two broad recommendations: that the number of skills and the number of calendar milestones be greatly expanded. “The primary thread that ran through submitted comments is that so many adults just can’t see themselves having a vibrant, productive profile at LinkedIn”, said OLU co-founder Jimmy Sage. “When they see the top LinkedIn skills that members have endorsed each other for, like Management, Business and Marketing, their hearts just sink. One contributor I’ll call Bill sent in a five-page handwritten letter where he described himself as a 10-year production line worker. He supervises no one and therefore has no management skills. He stated that before getting the manufacturing position, he tried to be go into business. But he sold zero units and had to close his business after three months. That knocks him out of Business and Marketing as potential skills”, Sage continued. “And the sad part is, he was among the more qualified of the people who reached us. Many who submitted remarks weren’t currently employed.”

The group set to work on developing a series of additional skills that would allow more people to successfully participate at LinkedIn. OLU is hoping that its additional inventory of skills, detailed below, will be accepted by the company in its entirety.

 #  Skill Description Skill that member can be endorsed for 
 1  a wish that the future will be better than the present  Hope
 2  the ability to intake atmospheric air and expel waste gas that includes carbon dioxide  Breathe
 3  a capacity to change position by moving his or her legs in a rhythmic, cyclical manner which ensures that one or the other foot stays in contact with the ground at all times  Walk
 4  a talent for producing sounds from the mouth that are recognized by others as words  Talk
 5  the dexterity to achieve a higher elevation via a series of steps  Climb
 6  the facility for visually tracking a person or object for a minimum of several seconds  Watch
 7 a capacity for remaining sedentary  Sit
 8 an ability to absorb relevant information and respond reasonably  Think

On a similar note, the proposal asks that members be able to record a broader range of  positions and achievements, thereby setting them up to be celebrated upon their anniversaries. These include the following firsts:

  • producing a single serving of coffee using the break room coffee maker
  • successful engagement with the office copier to produce two-sided copies
  • finding one’s way back to the office after using the common hall restroom
  • personalized desktop, laptop or tablet wallpaper
  • logging into the company’s email system and devising a strong password
  • filing an expense report that was not get kicked back for proper documentation
  • making a presentation involving a projector

With these enhancements, Mr. Sage envisions a more engaging experience, saying, “Just think how great it will be when your connections, having been notified by LinkedIn, congratulate you each anniversary of your learning how to use the office shredder.” He concludes, “It’s great that the educated, skilled and experienced have a platform to shine. But what about everyone else?”

Disclaimer: There is no group named the Organization of Linked-In Users.

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